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Selected Clips

Atlas Obscura

Why Are There So Many Female Ghosts?

An Ancient Roman Cult’s Rituals Included Feasting, Fire, and Floor Cleaning

Tattoos, Identity, and The Disturbing Fate of ‘Monsieur Bonheur’


Paleotsunami Detectives Hunt for Ancient Disasters

(republished in The Atlantic, Scientific American, Smithsonian and Popular Science)

New Scientist

These bizarre lights in the sky hint at a way to predict earthquakes


Long-Lost Plant Delivers a Jolt to Coffee’s Future

How Viruses Could Cure Cancer and Save Lives

This Patient Was Already Battling Organ Failure. Was He Having a Heart Attack, Too?

Mystery Cases: What Happens When Modern Medicine Lacks a Diagnosis or Cure?

Misophonia, Or Why I Hate the Sound of Chewing Salad

The Lost World of the Maya is Finally Emerging From the Jungle

Leprosy Reborn: How a Long-maligned Disease Might Unlock the Secrets of Stem Cells


Did These Curious Rock Formations Inspire the Great Sphinx?
Atlantic Hurricanes Are Intensifying Faster

A Mysterious Dome Reveals Clues to Australia’s Miocene History

Large-Scale Reforestation Efforts Could Dry Out Landscapes Across the World

Searching for Earthquakes in the Ionosphere

Tracking Pollution in the Breeze, with Trees

Yale Environment 360

As the Climate Warms, Could the U.S. Face Another Dust Bowl?


What the Blood Supply Shows About Covid-19’s Spread


Massive undersea eruption filled stratosphere with water

Common fungus emerges as threat to hospitalized COVID-19 patients



Beyond the twilight zone


Are You Killing Your Favorite Crag? Here’s What to Know About Wet Sandstone


European Countries Are Racing Toward the Continent's First Satellite Launch

A Powerful 'Umbrella' Satellite Will Count Every Tree on Earth

70-Year-Old Astronomy Photos May Be Clues to Alien Visitors - Study

8 Years Ago, the U.S. and Russia Played Chicken the With the ISS — Will History Repeat Itself?Y


Will Bog Archaeology Fade Away?


A Dark Matter Detector Based on a Wind Chime Seems Just Weird Enough to Work

Why Do Physicists Keep Finding New States of Matter?

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